Tanya’s awkward book launch speech

The CMC members would have loved to attend last Sunday’s Florida launch of Pelee Island Stories, for reasons other than the recent snow dump in Alberta. But we were there in spirit as Tanya and a host of distinguished literati gave her exquisite book the send-off it so deserved. As she recounts:

So, I’m happy and humbled to announce that my book launch was a resounding success, in the being-surrounded-by-lovely people sense. It’s a privilege to be among so many friends and writers whose work I admire. To those who could make it, thanks so much for being there. I wish I’d had more time to spend with each of you. To those who could not make it, happy thanksgiving, my dears! I’ll be seeing you soon.


We’d planned to video this speech, because I really wanted to thank people who were instrumental in the creation of Pelee Island Stories, but were unable to be there. Unfortunately, someone forgot to hit record. So I’ve included the text of my speech below.

Read her (not so awkward) speech here.