Buying Inge’s books online

Although they’re available on Amazon and iTunes as e-books, my two novels can only be purchased in paperback through select bookstores or the Crabapple website. 

As part of an ongoing process to improve our site, we’ve updated Inge’s book order page. Hooray! It’s now even easier to buy copies of my books. Here, you’ll find an online form wherein we can exchange addresses, determine the method of payment, and even chat a little, which I love to do. There’s just no better perk for an author than to chat with a reader. Really! 

Go on, try it. You know you want to.

People have also been asking to read excerpts of my work. So I’ve posted a chapter from my first Sonja Pfeiffer novel, A Root Beer Season. And here’s an excerpt from its sequel, When the Wheels Fall Off.