Hot off the presses


How does it feel to hold your third novel in your hands? Inge Bremen-Trueman is feeling pretty swell. As usual, Natalie Olsen (Kisscut Design) has done a bang-up job of the design. And now that the books are in Inge’s hot little hands, the next big milestone is to celebrate Winging It with a launch. That happens May 30 at 7 pm, at Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary. Come join in the fun and catch up on lead character Sonja Pfeiffer’s exploits.

For a sneak preview, Inge will also be reading at this year’s Writing in the Works evening being held at Owl’s Nest, on April 27 at 7 pm. A quick shout-out to our favourite bookstore. We are so grateful for the support they give to our local literary scene. Remember to stop by and show your love back and buy some books.

Finally, we urge you to read Jane Cawthorne’s blog post about her and E. D.’s forthcoming anthology Writing Menopause, a collection that includes writing by fellow collective member Lou Morin. The book’s first review – published online in THIS Magazine – included the stellar descriptor “revolutionary.” Read it here: Anthology explores the underreported topic of menopause.