A great start to our book tour

Jane, myself, and our amazing author-contributors are grateful to all who helped fill Calgary’s Shelf Life Books last night and usher in the Writing Menopause anthology. We celebrated, we shared stories, we toasted the launch of this revolutionary collaboration, and we sold 40 books. An electric start to our book tour! Still to come: reading events in Edmonton (June 9), Toronto (June 14) and Kingston (June 15).  

We hope you can join us; we still have a few bottles of leftover wine.

Calgary launch WM 6

Readers – from left to right: Steve Passey, Lori D. Roadhouse, Rea Tarvydas, Shaun Hunter, JoAnn McCaig, Roberta Rees, Jane Cawthorne and Elaine Morin.

Calgary launch WM 5

JoAnn McCaig, contributor and owner of Shelf Life Books, showing an image of a Dabstract painting that she references in her piece “Last Blood”.