Inge and E.D. To Appear at When Words Collide


Calgary’s quirkiest, most badass writer and reader festival is happening again this weekend. From today through Sunday, August 13, When Words Collide takes over the Delta Calgary South Hotel. The program covers such topics as “World Building: The Lazy Bastard Way”, the current scene of exoplanet research presented by PhD student Luis Welbanks, a whiskey and absinthe tasting, a roaring twenties dress-up banquet, plus workshops and readings by Guy Gavriel Kay. Yes, that superstar fantasy novelist.

If you’ve registered, today E.D. Morin will be moderating a panel at 3 pm with Sheri-D Wilson, Susan Calder and Mark Leslie: “Beyond Traditional and Self-Publishing.” Tomorrow at noon, Inge Trueman will appear with authors Sharon Butala, Anne Sorbie and Rita Bozi to expound on “Semi-Autobiographical Fiction”.

Registration for the festival has been capped for over a month. However, there’s a waiting list if you want to take a chance for a last-minute cancellation. Hope to see you there!