Writing Menopause Tour, Reviews and More

This fall marks the wrap-up of Writing Menopause’s official book tour. It was a cold, rainy evening in Calgary last Thursday, but some 50 people showed up regardless. Many thanks to the Single Onion poetry reading series and Shelf Life Books for hosting us. Readers included E.D. Morin, Rona Altrows, Susan Calder, Shaun Hunter, JoAnn McCaig, Carolyn Pogue, Roberta Rees and Lori D. Roadhouse. Thanks to Lori D. for emceeing this event! We stayed until after the bookstore’s usual closing time and were finally, gently kicked out. All in all, a great night.

Mom Egg and other reviews
“I wish Writing Menopause had been on my nightstand, too,” Bunny Goodjohn writes in this month’s Mom Egg Review, a literary journal about motherhood:

[Germaine] Greer’s feminist voice was brilliantly hard-edged and stark. But Cawthorne and Morin would have added fifty-five more to the mix, and I might have been not only informed and ready for a fight but also entertained, validated and prepared for what has become the most challenging and rewarding period of my life so far.

Goodjohn’s is just one of several articles that were published about Writing Menopause since its publication four months ago, including:

Menopause Goddess Blog writes in their review, “It’s breathtaking. Literally. And hot-flashing, mind melding, heart touching, beautiful. I actually think ALL women would love this book, not just those of us who are approaching, well in, or past menopause.”

And in E.D. Morin’s article “In Praise of Older Women” on The Mixed Zone, an online journal that reports on women’s sports, she talks about the collection and explores the power of women at this stage of life. “As older women, we know what it’s like to get through hard things, long projects. We’ve gotten to the other side of childbirth, the other side of raising kids.”

Women’s Writers, Women’s Books also gave us a shout-out. Friend for the Ride provided an interview and book giveaway.

And Lower East Side Librarian’s Jenna Freedman was inspired in this way: “The story Drenched by Leanna McClennan led me to ask my boss if we could have a menstrual hut in our new library building. She didn’t have any luck, but maybe I will.”