Inge Bremer-Trueman

Berg Lake and Mt Robson (Jeffrey Pang)

Inge Liselotte Trueman: This week we lost our dear Inge, writer, constant friend, grandmother, one-time pilot and drag racer. You shot from the hip and railed against demagogues and charlatans with sarcastic wit, compassion and a sprinkle of swear words.

Author of three novels about your fictional self, Sonja Pfeiffer, you were the pivotal member and founder of Crabapple Mews Collective, and a tireless volunteer and former student at the Alexandra Writers’ Centre. Always impeccably turned out in heels with a book close at hand, you exuded glamour and never suffered fools. You loved to bits your Erika and Jaxon.

Inge, we miss you terribly. You leave a hole the size of Mount Robson.

Elaine, Jane, Lou and Judy

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