A Root Beer Season


by Inge Bremer-Trueman

The Sonja Pfeiffer Series Book 1
Crabapple Mews Collective
October, 2013
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Released in 2013, A Root Beer Season is Bremer-Trueman’s debut novel, and the first in her Sonja Pfeiffer Series.

Its sequel, When the Wheels Fall Off, was released in September 2015 and follows the further misadventures of Sonja. Winging It, released in March 2017, was the third in the series and followed the feisty protagonist to Fort McMurray where she found new adventures in the world of aviation and bush pilots.

A Root Beer Season takes us back to 1967, the summer of love in Edmonton and 15 year-old Sonja Pfeiffer, daughter of an ultra-religious immigrant family from Germany, has snagged her dream job slinging root beer at the local A&W. Like her older sister, she is determined to find her first true love. When sexy, seductive Alexander, in his red Camaro, asks her out, Sonja can hardly believe her prayers have been answered. With best girlfriend Audrey dishing up saccharine theories of destiny and romance and new best-friend, Dagmar, serving up the caustic philosophy of Ayn Rand, Sonja finds herself wavering in a sea of enticing possibilities and paralyzing uncertainty. Life is infinitely more complicated than anything she could have imagined and she is in over her head.

A Root Beer Season has all the froth of a root beer float, and the grit and squealing tires of the parking lot. A fine snapshot of a wise-beyond-her-years teenager caught in that time and place.
Betty Jane Hegerat, author of A Crack in the Wall, Running Toward Home and The Boy.

This compelling narrative of all things past: Woodward’s, The Beatles, adolescent innocence and adult knowledge gained in the carhops of an A&W will tickle your funny, nostalgic bone.
Lee Kvern, author of After All and The Matter of Sylvie.

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