When the Wheels Fall Off


by Inge Bremer-Trueman

The Sonja Pfeiffer Series Book 2
Crabapple Mews Collective
July, 2015
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In Inge Bremer-Truman’s sequel to A Root Beer Season, precocious Sonja Pfeiffer is in hot pursuit of auto mechanic whiz kid Charlie Piper.

She’s still carhopping at ‘the dub’ but is more determined than ever to shed old regrets and delusions and get on with the business of being a grown-up. Immersed in Charlie’s world of drag-racing and souped-up cars, Sonja is burning to experience the thrill of the race too. But first she needs a drivers’ license. And a car. As she falls deeper for Charlie and the stoner sixties topple into the frantic 70s, Sonja plunges into an existential crisis as her dreams and plans hit one ditch after another.

Authentic, funny, poignant…In a burst of energy you are thrust into 1960s Edmonton, sharing the hopes and fears of larger-than-life Sonja Pfeiffer as she struggles with love, fast cars, and her unshakable desire to reinvent herself. In a world where girls’ futures have been narrowly prescribed, you want to cheer out loud as she makes her own way.
Fran Kimmel, award-winning author of The Shore Girl

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