Winging It

Winging It_Inge Trueman

by Inge Bremer-Trueman

The Sonja Pfeiffer Series Book 3
Crabapple Mews Collective
March 2017

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Having survived her exploits in When the Wheels Fall Off, plucky Sonja Pfeiffer takes flight on a journey of betrayal and grief, and a hangar full of kerosene-fueled choices.

With her Mustang filled to the nuts with crap she’s salvaged from her sordid but blessedly brief marriage, Sonja Pfeiffer heads north onto Highway 63 to begin a clerical job at a Fort McMurray tar sands plant. There she will finally earn the big bucks needed to give herself what she has always wanted – flying lessons. When, after only a few days in her new digs she meets Pete, an air traffic controller on temporary assignment, Sonja believes her stars are surely now aligned. And the proof – Pete has his own airplane. And he likes her. A lot.

Bremer-Trueman brings to vivid life the oil and testosterone soaked ethos of 1970s Fort McMurray. You’ll find it impossible not to smile along with the continuing story of Sonja Pfeiffer as she makes new friends, chooses the wrong men, and reaches for the sky.
Sarah Johnson, author of Suicide Stitch and Infractus.

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