Writing Menopause

Writing Menopause

Edited by Jane Cawthorne and E.D. Morin
Published by Inanna Publications
May 2017
Literary anthology

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With contributions from Canada, the US and the UK, this collection includes over fifty works of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, interviews and cross-genre pieces that break new ground in portraying menopause in literature.

Writing Menopause features work from award-winning writers such as Roberta Rees, Margaret Macpherson, Lisa Couturier and Rona Altrows, emerging voices such as Rea Tarvydas, Leanna McLennan, Lou Morin, Steve Passey and Gemma Meharchand, and an original interview with trans educator and pioneering filmmaker Buck Angel.

Within these pages are brains and bodies both lamenting their losses and eager to see what is next. The menopause experience is not simply something to survive. Unburdened by childbearing expectations and, possibly, by other gendered ways of understanding themselves, those in menopause climb mountains, take on lovers, create art, daydream, undertake scientific explorations, and transform themselves with an urgency that springs from the bittersweet realization that their time is short.


We divided the anthology into three parts, with titles meant to invoke contradiction and capture the multiplicity of the menopausal experience. There is no one way to think about or experience menopause, and, certainly, there is no right way. In these works, we as editors have found joy, commiseration, and kinship. We hope readers will find this and more.

Elaine Morin and Jane Cawthorne, Editors

Writing Menopause is a revolutionary collection of work passionately and bravely confronting menopause, a topic society tends to avoid.
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About the editors

E. D. Morin won the Brenda Strathern “Late Bloomers” Writing Prize. She lives and writes and finds outdoor adventure in Calgary, Alberta, just a stone’s throw from the Canadian Rockies.

Co-editor Jane Cawthorne’s work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals and academic journals. Her play, The Abortion Monologues, has been produced widely in the United States and Canada.

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