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Lou Morin

Lou aspires to be a mad scientist. Working at the intersection of technology and art for 25 years, she specializes in digital content—from database development, museum cataloguing and website consulting, to book publishing, graphic design and editing.

As an intern in Paris with the National Museums of France, Lou wrangled her first website into being in 1994. From 2007 to 2010, as general manager of NeWest Press, she steered the literary publisher through its first forays into e-books and social media. Currently a web content strategist for the Alberta government, she draws on her Swiss army knife skill set to connect people with online services.

In her writing lab, Lou has been experimenting with literary nonfiction. One of her pieces was published in Writing Menopause: An Anthology of Fiction, Poetry and Creative Nonfiction, a literary anthology published by Inanna Publications in spring 2017.


The most successful scientist thinks like a poet—wide-ranging, sometimes fantastical—and works like a bookkeeper.
E.O. Wilson, The Meaning of Human Existence

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